Dear Great Friends,
Greetings from the Top of the World Mt. Everest, Nepal!

about-our-himet-organization-and-chairpersonThis is with a great sense of pleasure and pride; I on behalf of our Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower Organization would like to express my thoughts and believe the service for humanity by us growing with a mighty strength. It has been my privilege to serve this wonderful organization since 2011 as a founder Chairperson of this HIMET Organization.

At first, let me introduce about our organization briefly, I am Rajendra Nhisutu a founder and chairperson of the Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower organization and a local resident of Kathmandu, Nepal.
Our Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET’ is an entirely non-Governmental, non-profit making multi-denominational, social development as a tax exempted registered ‘NFP’ organization which is established on 2011 in Nepal.
This our organization is helping to develop Nepal and poorest Nepalese and the neediest children, highlight natural heritage and the World Top Mountains, invite foreigners to do something for overall development of Nepal includes sanitation, rescue and conservation of the Himalayas

namaste-rajendra-is-with-childrenHimalaya Mt. Everest Tower is also an institutional association with Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) for mountain tourism and Affiliation with Social Welfare Council (SWC) for social welfare services in all over Nepal.

From the very beginning, the organization has been working from Kathmandu valley to most remote parts of Nepal for the overall development of rural and needy giving top priority to downtrodden and under privileged and heterogeneous communities which is the major target groups of HIMET to introduce program activities to enhance the livelihood of these people and the Orphaned and Destitute Children of Nepal who were victim of Child and Female Sex Trafficking, Terribly Earthquake, Landslide, HIV, AIDS, Famine, Persecution and during 10 years of Communist Maoist Civil War in Nepal where there need is most acute.our-hiimet-services

We are good-hearted by spirit leaded and willing to do something good in the society by joining with like-minded people like you from Kathmandu valley to Most remote parts of Nepal. You know Nepal is having under formidable: illiteracy, poverty, high unemployment, and a host of pressing which is our prime responsibility to minimize these horror issues.

Hence, I am asking to join in our ORPHANED AND DESTITUTE CHILDREN MISSION OF NEPAL which will bring new hope and healing to the children who they have no nothing behind. And will assist the children of underprivileged communities to expand a far better education, scholarship to give shape to their dreams and ultimately a much better society.rajendra-nhisutu-is-with-children-during-distribution-in-nepal

Once more again I thank you for every positive heart who they have sincerely supported us and invite other interested organization and group of individuals to join our hands and let’s together change where there is most acute in need.
With Warm Regards,
Rajendra Nhisutu
For: Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower
Kathmandu, Nepal


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