Wlcoming to the HimalayasThis our organization’s main objectives are to help to develop Nepal and poor Nepalese villagers and the neediest children, highlight natural heritage and the World Top Mountains, invite foreigners to do something for overall development of Nepal includes in the high Himalayas.
From the very beginning, the organisation has been working for the overall development of rural and needy people giving top priority to all underprivileged people.

Downtrodden and under privileged people are the major target groups of Nepal Mission of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower to enhance the livelihood of these people.

Currently the organisation is working in different REGIONS AND DISTRICTS with heterogeneous communities of Central Region, Eastern Region, Midwestern Region, Western Region and Far Western Region.

HIMET has been gradually extending the areas of its services in all over Nepal.

Nepal Mission of HIMETAfter the historical people’s movement of 1990 AD, and core achievement of restoration of multi-party democracy in Nepal , a new horizon has opened for tackling the issues of extreme poverty, environmental degradation, mass illiteracy and inertia which prevail in this poverty stricken country. This can be only achieved through the tremendous efforts and involvement and initiatives of the community people.

This organization seek to channel creative energy of the people and tries to innovate ways for the emancipation of unjustly treated people of the society, reducing poverty and mass illiteracy.
We are also dedicated to providing love, education, healthcare, nutrition, and a solid sense of family, community and cultural identify to the orphaned and needy children of Nepal. The children gain a sense of security and belonging, allowing them to fill their potential as they make the transition into their adult lives.

Water driven-grind mill under HIMETBy making a sincere effort to honor and respect the GOD that is living in all of us, we can strive to create a loving, creative, holistic, and healthy environment for these special children whose lives we have been faithfully entrusted with. Indeed, HIMET is not just about children.

The organization aims to bring people from around the world closer and to give them a better understanding of the different cultures, religions, and problems we all face. Once the people of this world realize that we are all part of one big family we can collectively work towards restoring peace, prosperity and happiness to all human beings.

HIMET sees Nepal’s problems as a big rock. To break this rock and develop better ways for future generations, it is essential to work with other people and organizations.
MOTTO: ‘Common endeavor for social change and equitable society with the freed spirit’

Building budget toilet village to villagesVISION: People desire to have something new but innovative development approach, sustainable development and social change can bring just and equitable society where the priority have to give for underprivileged and marginalized people and our common endeavor is to uplift those people who are suffering from extreme poverty, lack of opportunity and social discrimination in the society.

GOAL: Socio-economic transformation of need based people through the sustainable development approach and appropriate means.


HIMET has given priority to follow the working pattern as below:

a-small-hydropower-in-nepalPeople centered development approach,
Sustainable development approach,
Integrated and holistic approach,
Equitable and just society,
Local level development approach
Deprived community
1, To introduce programs activities and development efforts for marginalized and deprived people of our society.

2, Impart know-how and technical methodology which sufficiently introduces local technology and skill to build a skillful and dynamic workforce focusing on people of rural and need-based areas.

3, To raise strong voice against social injustice and social discrimination and introduce an awareness raising campaign and advocate at the grass-roots, national and international levels on the causes of poverty, which is a pervasive problem of social transformation and the right to human dignity.


HIMET Nepal MissionWe distribute handmade machine to mountaineering tribes.
1, Micro-credit programs for sustainable economic advancement of poor and needy people.

2, Integrated rural development program to uplift social economically deprived and marginalized people of our society.

3, Natural conservation and environment improvement programs for ecological balance and equitable development.

4, Rural reconstruction and infrastructure development initiative through vocational and employment oriented trainings.

5, people’s empowerment program for the comprehensive socio-economic development of people from backward societies.

HIMET village to villages activity-in all over Nepal6, Networking, advocacy and awareness raising programs. Dissemination of information on different aspects and dimensions of development with different stakeholders and organization.

7, Disaster mitigation and preparedness and nature conservation programs.

8, Non-formal education programs for illiterate groups of our society giving priority to enhancing our government’s effort to eliminate illiteracy from our country.

9, To protect and preserve and to nurture for Orphaned and Destitute Children of Nepal who are dying from AIDS and during the past 10 years of civil war, famine persecutions and natural disaster where the middle generation are disappearing.


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