Nepal Mission of ‘HIMET’ provide technical and capacity building support in important neediest areas which include: empowering communities and community organizations to participate in local governance, enabling local body capacity building, and enabling to support local government for effective service delivery and more inclusive local development. In compiling this strategy, the extraordinary challenges and opportunities in the years ahead have been placed in stark relief.Making thread from the sheep's hair

The long-term transformation objectives of the HIMET contain issues of great complexity and contention with no easy solutions. The long-term nature of these issues and the high expectations that surround them suggested Nepal should get started on such long-term undertakings with the minimum of delay.

With the end of the conflict and the need to rebuild local communities we bridged local governance and community-led development in Nepal.
Using a sector wide approach, HIMET contributes towards poverty reduction in Nepal through improved and more inclusive local governance and service delivery while promoting gender sensitivity and social inclusion including child rights in local government affairs local governance, and community-led development.

Nepal Mission of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET’ seeks to channel creative energy of the people and tries to innovate ways for the emancipation of unjustly treated people of the society, reducing poverty and mass illiteracy.Faith-with-work-HIMET

We have been helping to the Kathmandu Valley, Eastern and Far Western villagers for their ‘SELF RELIANCE’ helping to install by training and with every possible resources Water Driven Mills, Grinding Mills, Carding Mills, Fulling Mills, Woollen Carving, Packaging, Agro farm training and technology etc.

The installation and application of rural technologies like improved water mill, improved cooking stoves and solar cookers have immensely helped the rural communities, particularly women and girl children in proving their lifestyles through the reduction of drudgery, labor, indoor smoke inhalation and increase in their income and employment options.
These technologies have provided opportunities to initiate various income generating activities through the availability of dependable and affordable energy services, particularly in rural areas of Eastern and Far Western Nepal.

Rajendra Nhisutu is observing our community mushroom farmHIMET sees Nepal’s problems as a big rock. To break this rock and develop better ways for future generations, it is essential to work with other people and organizations.

Our project for the development of the Remote Nepal Communities which is a teaching center located in the Kathmandu, Eastern and Far Western Nepal as a part of the grounds devoted to sustainable, small scale agricultures. Farmers are invited to learn animal husbandry and integrated farming. Rajendra Nhisutu in our mushroom farming field

Courses on practical nursing are also offered, focusing on wellness and disease prevention, training health educators to go back into their home communities, armed with knowledge that can save lives, especially of the weak and most vulnerable.
Deprived-communityWe expect this Community Development Center to be a place of rich fellowship and good food. This is being the place of new beginnings, as trained indigenous workers return to their communities to teach as they have been taught.

Nepal Mission has implemented community development program with training and awareness assistance from Local VDC (Village Development Committees) with component like income generation, soil conservation, drinking water and buffalo raising program to enhance the income status of villagers beside the Gurung, Sherpa, Tamang, Magar and Tharu Communities like wise
accounting knowledge and basic computer, farmers are trained on veterinary first aid, distributed seed cattle and buffalos to the poorest farmers and they started delivering milk at the collecting centers.

Rajendra-Nhisutu-is-at-pepino-farmConducted Training for farmers on group concept and account management on Cooperative bank system.

Started livestock farming and insurance benefit

Technology concept renovation of drinking water tank and installation drinking water tap stands

Initiated a small livestock rearing activity for women group as income raising program. Training about water purify and drinking water facilities to the remote villagers

Initiated construction of compost pit for organic manure himet-helps-to-conducts-market-day-around-the-high-himalayas-of-nepal
Forestation activities in the village wasteland and in the irrigation canal trail
Group orientation on health, sanitation, livestock management and environmental awareness

HIMET helped the target group farmers to organize themselves into a village level cooperative society revolving fund to the cooperative work in remote villages. This cooperative is successfully operating in the form of village bank at present.


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