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Nepal Mission

Welcome to Nepal! we are here to cheers you and your visions we have the experience and expertise to ensure your every program is a success. Our service is dedicated to delivering an event you can be proud of, on time and on budget.

We are happy to host you and your every visions to find around the Top and all over in Nepal.
We also offer a personal and professional service, paying particular attention of the mass to those details that make all the difference and our calm program management will ensure your purpose is a success.

We are a non-profit foundation that combines the breathtaking beauty of the World Top Mountains with the desire to make a positive difference in peoples’ and have been making meaningful differences in the lives of downtrodden, under privileged and heterogeneous community groups of Nepal where Earthquake, Landslide, HIV, AIDS, Trafficking, Famine, Persecution and victim of Orphaned and Destitute Children during the past ten years of Civil War in Nepal.

Nepal Mission of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET‘ seeks to encourage adventure travel as a means of supporting under privileged downtrodden tribe and most backward people of Nepal where the orphaned and destitute children and the need is most acute.


Getting the right venue is crucial to the program’s success and we can source and book the right venue for your greater success. Before a show we produce press releases, press conference, direct mail and Press advertising.
We also supply promotional gifts and branded merchandise along with our Himalayas precious gift items whatever the budget, we can find catering that fits the bill and good accommodation for staff and delegates.

We often help negotiate favorable rates for delegates. We design, print and distribute invitations, brochures and programs for your event.
We also produce large scale exhibition graphics designing specialize in exhibition materials and can either develop from scratch, or work with your existing materials to provide large scale and brochure graphics that reflect your brand and support your message.
Our Nepal Mission of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower is skilled in ensuring that successful programs complete on time and within budget complete project successfully.

We can greet delegates, perform registration and assist with any special needs your guests might have where the HIMET has the ability to research and approach the best sponsors and potential sponsors for your event, ensuring revenue maximization and a “best fit” between you and your program sponsors.

Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET’ is enacted to assist the development of tourism by making publicity of the natural heritage of Nepal in the country and abroad as well as to assist the function of publicity by organizing different professional seminars, training, conferences, meetings and symposiums and publicity relating to the enterprises of the native and foreigners with the objectives of making an extensive publicity of Nepal.

As a country rich in natural heritages and revealing the actual identity and significance, contributing to the utmost in the economic development of the country, protection and development of the natural heritage of Nepal, making mutual cooperation in a situation of occurrence of natural calamity and mishap, accomplishing function of physical development, environmental protection, sanitation, relief and protection of right of infirm.