Medical-camps-in-the-Himalayan-NepalOur Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower Organization conducts free medical and dental evaluation and treatment to the marginalized people of Nepal.
We organize healthcare services, such as internal medicine, women’s health, dental and behavioral, pediatrics and orthopedics services as well as we conduct various health related seminars, lectures and conferences to empower the most remote villagers of Nepal.

International medical volunteers and generous donor and supports are highly required in order to provide the primary healthcare services to improve the health status of children, women and their families in rural areas of Nepal.Baby-birth-during-Campaign

From those who cannot afford medical care locally to those who have no access to medications and surgeries in Nepal medical mission trips are an essential worth. If you are a medical worker or even a child-life and patient expert please do contact us.
We’re fully dedicated to providing community driven, quality, primary healthcare and education services in the most remote areas of Nepal.

We also do rehabilitation services for people with disabilities health and development program with marginalized communities with medical camps and assistance for people HIV / AIDS education, testing, counseling and care work among displaced people TB and leprosy health care.Health-Campaign
The goal of this medical mission and our programs is to heal marginalized remotes area of Nepal adult man, woman, children’s smiles and transform the lives.

We also seek medical mission model is providing safe surgeries for children around the world while building a long-term sustainable solution by mobilizing medical volunteers all over Nepal to treat children with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.

HIMET-Mission-work-in-NepalWe are committed to accomplishing our mission by health services training, community health needs assessments and resource evaluations. Coalitions and community empowerment by developing culturally appropriate community health services and disease-prevention activities screenings and quality primary healthcare services.

We manage public health surveillance systems and reporting health statistics with project evaluations and research related joint collaborating with district and the national system for the development of health policies in Nepal which empower the project’s success in other local communities.
If you are health related professionals doctor, nurse or paramedicals or Medical Laboratory related and thinking to trek to the beautiful Himalayas while volunteering to healthcare services in Nepal.
Please contact Us and we’ll manage everything as per suit to you and your team.

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