“Himalaya Mount Everest Tower” is responsible for managing the accounts, overall running and direction of the project. The annual audit is transparent and available to all supporters/donors/funders and concerned bodies. Day to day management is carried out by a group of qualified and dedicated personnel.
A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) was formed in 2011 to review all Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower projects and activities on an annual basis and provide necessary suggestions and recommendations to the Board and concern authorities.
There are two people from the Board Committee who are involved with the day-to-day running process of the HIMET.
Rajendra Nhisutu (A founder and chairperson) works managing the day-to-day office work such as supervision of the various programs, administration and government documentation. Additionally, the project is carried out as per the guidelines set forth by our Board and to accomplish HIMET’s goals.
We take our responsibility of managing our works and your supports We run a lean organization seek out pro bono support, in kind contributions and corporate donations to keep our overhead costs even lower whenever you make a donation, more of your donation goes directly toward all the educational needs tuition, books, uniforms and stationary of the hopeless children of Nepal.
We regularly review our operational practices, observe accounting best-practices, and have our books in Nepal audited annually by a Govt. registered auditor.




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