The Celebrity Awards

You’ll be honored and awarded as The Celebrity on Humanity Services to just by one time contribution on this our great movement to save the lost Forgotten Children of Nepal giving them hope and healing, for their education, health care and basic needs. 


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Nepal Mission of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower has provision to ‘Honor and Awards‘ as the Celebrity on Humanity Services to them who have heart for neediest Forgotten Children of Nepal.

How you’ll be Honoured and Awarded:

– You’ll get the Certificate of Honored and Awarded as the Celebrity on Humanity Services;
– Personalized with your name and photograph printed on it;
– You’ll get Special Metal Trophy quoted with the Celebrity Awards;
– You’ll get 1.000.00 Gram High Altitude Organic Himalayan Refined Green Tea;
– You’ll get ‘Thank You’ letterhead from the organization;
– You’ll get email once your contribution is confirmed.



Additional information

Weight2000.00 kg
Dimensions1.000 × 0.583 × 1.000 cm