Relief, Rehabilitation And Re-construction

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Post Earthquake Integrated Development Approach: Relief, Rehabilitation and Re-construction for children and School Building in Nepal

Introduction: The 7.9 magnitude devastating earthquake that terribly massive destruction in Nepal and took the life of more than 9,000 people until 20 May 2015. The devastating quake of 25 April and 12 May 2015 had shaken the nation terribly. Rajendra-Nhisutu-and-volunteer-team-NepalAround 5 hundred thousand individual houses, 15 thousand school buildings, thousands of government buildings and hospitals have been crumbled down to earth and similar number are damaged. The government has announced that around 15000 school building are damaged by the earthquake.To rebuild the houses and school buildings a national plan is essential. At this moment of crisis, immediate support is essential and it puts high value. The devastating earthquake of 7.9 in Richter scale that struck the country with its epicenter at Mandre, Barpak VDC-02, Gorkha at 11:56 AM on 2072 Baisakh 12 (corresponding to 25 April 2015) and its frequent aftershocks chiefly the two fatal ones dated 26 April and 12 May 2015 have caused an inconceivable loss of lives and properties. 09 thousand than more people have been killed, thousands injured and hundreds of thousands of houses completely destroyed and many people rendered homeless. Many government and public office buildings, historical, cultural and archaeological heritages have been destroyed.

The Government has declared the fourteen districts (Gorkha, Kavrepalanchok, Dhading, Nuwakot, Rasuwa, Sindupalchok, Dolakha, Ramechhap, Okhaldunga, Makwanpur, Sindhuli, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur) as the crisis-hit districts and started rescue and relief works.Kuwapani-school-after-earthquake-destruction Priority: Shelter, food, hygiene, clothes; drug and surgical items and construction; emergency veterinary medicines, vaccines, disinfectants and feeds; and agricultural nutrients) required in connection with the immediate relief operations.

During the first earthquake and strong aftershock of second day many school buildings all over Nepal are collapsed and students are compelled to study in the open wet ground.

Relief and Reconstruction Initiation through Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET’ Organization: Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET’ a non-governmental organization is working for the empowerment of rural media in the remote districts of Nepal on institutional or individual basis whatever possible to the earthquake victims of Nepal collaborating with local people in the districts.

children-are-wandering-due-to-books-covering-work-took-long-whole-night-and-days‘HIMET’ is a small organization devoted for the rural media empowerment during national crisis created by the devastating earthquake, HIMET just could not remain idle on personal and organizational basis HIMET has been supporting every possible action for victims children and disaster schools. After having normal situation in the remote village or when the life starts with hope, then it will jump to educate media persons as before focusing on disaster management, post disaster and post-disaster reconstruction and development reporting.

At this time of crisis, it is essential to support from bare hands to full hands. Cooperation of all is essential. After the terrible earthquake, people lost family members, houses and properties. They are forced to sleep in open ground we seek cooperation from Nepal Government, foreign countries, and local as well as international organizations are to extend their support. As the number of victims remote areas are always remaining behind due to detachment. Rajendra-Nhisutu-and-HIMET-volunteer-are-making-zinc-slate-tents (1) We urge to helping hand on us for remote areas where no one has reached due to remoteness and difficulties to reach there. Justification for the Selection of Himlaya Mt. Everest Towe ‘HIMET’ is inteding to help for the following schools as mentioned below.

The school buildings are totally collapsed and they’re temporary running under zinc slate tents and some of are studying in the open wet ground. Small children are getting sick and this has to take immediate action because monsoon is around.

Disaster School Names and stduents:

1, Kuwapni Primary School (97 students age from 03 years to 12 years)Balkalyan-Primary-School-got-to-take-class-under-zinc-slate-tent

2, Balkaylan Primary School (155 stdudents age from 04 years to 15 years)

3, Ganaga Jamuna Primary School (39 students age from 03 years to 12 years)

4, Mandali Higher Seconadary Schol (988 students age from 05 years to 23 years)

5, Dhandakahrka Primary School (97 students age from 03 years to 13years)

6, Sundar Primary School (56 students age from 03 years to 12 years)

7, Sitaladevi Primary School (132 students age from 03 years to 12 years)Earthquake-disaster-school-Sitaladevi-Primary-School

8, Balauto Primary School (87 students age from 03 years to 13 years)

9, Saraswoti Primary School (192 students age from 03 years to 12 years)

10, Chimchok Lower Secondary School (325 students age from 04 years to 17 years)

11, 05 more schools have sent help request….

In order of schools re-construction cooperation Stationary, School dress, Books, School bags, Shoes and school fees and Home Clothes are quite essentially help in need.

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