FAQ Tag: food

How are administrative costs handled?

Our mission team take no salary and pays.  Administrative expenses include stationary, ink, stamps and computer-related costs, food are less than 2% of total contributions. We work hard to make sure that donated amount go to help to the neediest children of Nepal.

What kinds of foods do Nepalese eat?

The main food that Nepalese eat is “dal-bhat and tarkari” which is rice, lentils and curry (spiced of course to taste). Some other great Nepali foods are roti and momos—fried or steamed, veg or buff (yes, buffalo meat).

What are things that the orphaned and destitute children always needs?

We always need food, clothes, medicine (general medical supplies like band-aids, antiseptic, cough syrup, etc), books, stationery & office supplies, English as a Second Language (ESL) materials, children’s video/cassette/CD and emergency fund when they happen to sick. 

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