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How are administrative costs handled?

Our mission team take no salary and pays.  Administrative expenses include stationary, ink, stamps and computer-related costs, food are less than 2% of total contributions. We work hard to make sure that donated amount go to help to the neediest children of Nepal.

Does Nepal Mission offer internships?

Yes. we are in particular need of journalism, research and internships students who will help documentation, projection the work of our Nepal Mission by telling the stories to the World. And you just simply need permission from the organization and we can arrange further help whatsoever you may need from us.

What kinds of foods do Nepalese eat?

The main food that Nepalese eat is “dal-bhat and tarkari” which is rice, lentils and curry (spiced of course to taste). Some other great Nepali foods are roti and momos—fried or steamed, veg or buff (yes, buffalo meat).

What kinds of restaurants are there in Kathmandu?

There are literally thousands of great restaurants in every part of Nepal including around the Himalayas where you can eat Italian, Mexican, Indian, American, Chinese or Nepali foods. As you eat dinner at the local restaurants, you can view the mountains, you can see the traditional dancing and singing as well as the movie along with…

Where do the Guests (and sometimes visitors) your mission related stay?

Our organization’s Chairperson Mr. Rajendra Nhisutu has 4th stories with many rooms one home and Resort nearby in Kathmandu as per the the guests desire they can stay with him and we have also comfortable guesthouses which are attached to our Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET’ in Kathmandu and Home stay around the our mission…