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How is Orphaned and Destitute Children Mission organized?

Rajendra Nhisutu as the Chair and director of the organization his job is to help shape the strategic direction of Nepal Mission of HIMET. He assists with local remote schools and comminities do fundraising and reports to the General Conference and Board Committee The leadership of HIMET consists of three peopele in different communities who…

Does HIMET build or operate schools in Nepal?

No. currently We only work with the existing infrastructure (i.e. schools, teachers and curriculum) and focus on addressing the financial barriers to education by providing help for hopeless and forgotten children of Nepal with comprehensive academic scholarships.

Can I mail my donation instead?

Absolutely! We welcome checks and money orders. Please send to:  Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower Post Box No. 5020, Zip/Postal Code: 44600 Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal

Can I donate in honor or in memory of someone?

Of course! We will be happy to include the individual you donate in honor or memory of on our Partners widget. Simply drop a note to us with your check in the mail letting us know, or you donateed in honor or memory of someone.