Our HIMET organization is to empower marginalized downtrodden, under privileged communities, with a focus on women and children, through enhanced various development educational programs and community training to promote equality, economic well-being and basic human rights with education and health care.Volunteer services with Rajendra Nhisutu

Our experience in the field dictates that an inclusive and integrated approach to development is conducive to positive sustainable long-term change. Our Nepal Mission of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower prides on having a dedicated full-time team, ensuring that communities receive the follow-up support required to transform short-term projects into long-term benefits. We never leave until we can see difference and successful results in the communities where we launch programs.

Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower has been serving throughout Kathmandu valley to the most remote parts of Eastern, Western, Midwestern and Far Western Nepal.

All volunteers in Nepal participating in the community-based projects will be paired with a local host family which will arrange cross-cultural experience is great privileges for volunteer immersion at a grassroots level and a chance to appreciate sharing the lifestyle of those downtrodden, tribes and under privileges villagers you wish to help.
Providing English language classes at community schools nearby Kathmandu Valley and remote part of Nepal includes Himalayas villages.

Our Volunteer Placements are chosen by determining many factors such as the community’s need, its location, host family interviews, the availability of basic infrastructure, and an analysis of what impact the volunteer will have on the placement as well as what impact it will have on the volunteers and communities.Renovation school

We have placements in Kathmandu Valley, mountains corner to Eastern and Western part of Nepal ranging from the mountains to the jungle, the very remote where a few day to trek as well as many urban placements.

We are arranging a variety of volunteer and internship programs in Nepal which to implement sustainable solutions which promote positive change for the lives of disadvantaged and most needy communities in all over Nepal. Volunteers will do various activities in the communities to take charge of their own development.

People desire to have something new but innovative development approach, sustainable development and social change can bring just and equitable society where the priority have to give for underprivileged and marginalized people and our common endeavor is to uplift those people who are suffering from extreme poverty, lack of opportunity and social discrimination in the society.

We believe in building capacities through mutual relationships with communities based on trust and mutual understanding.

Implementing resources and providing necessary services as well as health care and other possibly professionals to raise community awareness about pertinent health diseases and other prospectives as villagers crucially in need.Rajendra Nhisutu, HIMET Chair at supervision volunteer works

And helping orphaned and destitute children and handicapped disabled persons to regain access to education and health services it will bring big contribution to eradicate illiteracy and hope by supporting both volunteer and financial support of education programs, and other fundamental necessities.


Socio-economic transformation of need based people through the sustainable development approach and appropriate means.
Sponsoring education for the disadvantaged including: orphans, disabled persons and children from incapacitated families.

Acquainting international volunteers with the riches of Nepali culture and ensuring a safe and memorable stay within a supportive environment.

Please contact us if you will have any inquiry regarding voluntary opportunity in Nepal we have great privileges to touch and heal to Nepal and Nepalese communities from Kathmandu Valley to the mountain regions and all over Nepal.

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