Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower is legally registered a non- profitable organization as NGO and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) Nepal for Social Welfare Services in all over Nepal it is alo an institutional association with Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) to develop mountain tourism.

Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower is commencing a project prior to prepare a formal proposal guidelines under guidelines of SWC as it approves the proposal, the management committees of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower are required to document the details of all and every expenditures.

Every project reports are submitted to the donors, SWC and all the concern parties on a regular basis.

We focus on the local community to have a wider impact on the lives of the children and families deprived of basic needs. All the projects are filed and monitored by the SWC and local government authorities after its completion.

The Local government authority, the Village Development Council, and the Provincial Government Authority in Kathmandu are aware of our activities and have issued all necessary formal credentials for Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower to undertake the running projects.

The annual audit and progress reports of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET’ is submitted to the Social Welfare Council, Local District Development and Tax Office and the Government District Office in Kathmandu, Nepal

We have challenges and your precious hands are crucial:
In Nepal different schools have different tuition costs or exam fees. Some students may need additional forms of support, such as a bicycle in order to travel to school each day, or supplementary tutoring to address a particular need.

In all cases, we have recognized the importance of school lunch programs. In Nepal many children skip school because a day spent at school means a day with no food and we have added this into our standard scholarship costs.

There are basically two components of the Nepal Mission scholarship: financial support and social support. The HIMET scholarship does not have a fixed value; all scholarship costs are determined case-by-case, based on a needs assessment of each student.
The average total cost to support our children schooling is approximately $250/year.

Nepal Mission of HIMET’s wholehearted and dedicated team of over 17 Field Volunteers meet with each program. The Field Volunteers, who are selected and trained as big brothers/sisters and positive role models for our mission fields.

If our any volunteer identifies a child as ‘at risk’ further meetings with the VDC personnel are organized to determine the best step of remedial action. 
The number of children and their schooling depends on our budget/capacity for that year. To avoid creating disappointment, our HIMET Selection Committee decide and the learn supportive environment financial need.

A Message from President